Trivia Night Friday, June 26th!

A “Social But Distant” Fundraiser!

We can’t have any in-person galas, so this will be our attempt at a social fundraiser. Please join us tonght, Friday, June 26 from 8:30-9:30 p.m. for LTDO’s first-ever Trivia Night Fundraiser. The event will be hosted on Facebook Live by LTDO member Urzula Urzua.

You may enter for any donation amount. Winners will get lovely Coronavirus themed prizes! Masks!! Hand sanitizer!! Edible plants!! Toilet paper!!

The event will go live at 8:30 p.m., and there will be a new round of trivia about every 15 minutes. Feel free to join any game — answers are texted to the host, who will also serve as scorekeeper and referee. Expect some technical glitches — Urzula will have the final say on which answer popped up first.

Please donate / sign up here:

All proceeds will go to support LTDO programs. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Back to School?

I don’t have any skin in the game anymore, so to speak. I don’t have kids (thank god!) and I’ve retired from full time teaching (thank you, Hubby!). I’m lucky in that the community college where I currently teach part time is going to be completely online. I’ve been teaching for over twenty years (!) and I know schools are not going to open successfully in the fall. I’ve been telling you since January about what’s coming down the pipe re: coronavirus, and I’m telling you now, this is going to be the biggest shit show anyone has ever seen.

I’m going to exclude all the well to do parents /schools in this rant. They will be ok. For all the squawking they do, they will find ways to get their kids WHATEVER they need. Tablets, laptops, super high speed internet, private tutors, back alley play groups, etc. I’m going to talk about the parents and schools I’ve worked with and in the most – middle and low income.

I think it’s so cute when teachers talk about adding stuff to their back to school lists for parents. “I’m going to double the amount of wipes this year!” You know- the stuff parents are supposed to send with their kids the first day or two of school. Good luck with that!  Most of the schools where I’ve worked did not even allow teachers to make a list. Our parents couldn’t afford any of it. (Not that anyone can find those supplies right now. I know I can’t!) You know what I had to buy every year? Everything. I taught HS science so that meant about 150-180 kids every year. (Average 30 kids x 5 classes a day. One year I had two bio classes with 45 kids EACH. That’s 90 kids in just those two classes. No social distancing possible there! And one year I, and two other science teachers, taught six classes because the school didn’t want to hire another teacher.) So every year I’d buy about 200 notebooks, hundreds of pens and pencils, dozens of rulers, scissors, markers, etc. I had to buy a classroom set of scientific calculators my first year. Every box of Kleenex came from me. Every roll of paper towels, every can of Lysol, every single wipe came from my pocket. Thousands of teachers have to fund their own classrooms every year. That’s just the way it is in our nation’s largest school districts. I’ve taught in two of them- Chicago (third largest) and Clark County (Las Vegas, fifth largest). These districts were and are still woefully underfunded and have the nation’s poorest and most under-served kids. So teachers make up the difference. We give them school supplies so they can keep up and sneak them power bars and juice boxes so they don’t go hungry.

This fall, if I were to be going back, in addition to all the regular supplies, I’d be buying masks (for myself and my 200 kids), extra cans of Lysol, extra tubs of Clorox wipes, extra rolls of paper towels, and extra boxes of Kleenex. I’d be having my husband rig up some sort of plexiglass shield for me to put around my desk and lab bench so the kids couldn’t come within 6-10 feet of me. I’d also be buying several sets of scrubs, so I could wash them in hot water after every wear and not ruin my real clothes, extra detergent, and extra shoes so I could air out a pair while I wore a different pair to school the next day. I’d be buying tons of shampoo and stuff for the two showers a day I’d be taking. And so on. No problem on a teacher’s salary, right?On a hefty teachers’ salary, that should be no problem.

Now, let’s talk about the school buildings. The structures. Those should be fine because we’ve been pouring money into education, right? In one school where I taught, there was no heat in my room. Why? Because it was the chemistry lab which was on a separate ventilation system and I guess they forgot to hook it up properly. I have no idea. All I know is that we wore coats in my class, even though it was “against the rules”. An entire year went by and nothing was fixed. (I left after that year, so it wasn’t fixed while I was there.) It was a very old building, one of the oldest school buildings in Chicago. It was exempt from a lot of the newer building codes. But my room was also the only one with AC (other than the main office which had window units. The principal wasn’t going to suffer!) My room was on the third floor which was awfully hot in August, so having the AC was great! You win some; you lose some. But who needs proper working ventilation in a school with 1200+ kids wearing masks?

Every Chicago school where I taught gave me NO supplies for science. None. I taught during No Child Left Behind, which was an unfunded mandate. We were supposed to do XYZ but weren’t given any money. One mandate was about books. No text book was to be older than five years. FIVE YEARS! I was teaching with 15 year old books if I was lucky!! NO school had enough books for the kids to take home their own copy. I had a classroom set, which meant that the books stayed in the classroom and the kids only got to use them during class. So the same book was in five sets of hands every day. If they won’t buy books, what makes anyone think they’ll supply us with masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol, etc to keep the kids and staff safe?! It’s going to be up to the individual teacher to pick up the slack. As usual.

And for some teachers, that’s going to be enough for them to say, fuck this, and either retire, or just leave and find another job. That’s what I really don’t understand about the whole “rush the kids back to school” crowd. They say stuff like, Kids don’t get the virus (that much)! And if they do they’re (usually) ok! Hardly any of them die! (Especially not MY kid.) Um, were you thinking that ONLY kids would be in the school? Were you willing to send them in unsupervised? Because I’m pretty sure there were going to have to be some grown ups around in order for that to happen. Or do those people not matter? Because that’s what it feels like. The teachers w the most experience are also the oldest and also the ones at highest risk. You are going to force those people out. Or get them sick. Or killed. How guilty are those kids going to feel when it gets traced back to them? And I thought I heard something about a teacher shortage? Meh. I’m sure it’s nothing. And subs? Forget it. A lot of subs are older, retired teachers. I don’t think they’ll be coming in much.

So, no. Schools won’t open safely in the fall. After the first week or two, I guarantee they will have to do rolling shutdowns or something like that. It will be like Whack a Mole. Putting out flare ups here and there. Just a hodgepodge of ineffective half measures because NO ONE wants to take responsibility for actually doing a REAL SHUTDOWN. We could have stomped this out MONTHS AGO but Noooooooo!!! Something about guns and freedom kept us from all falling in line and staying the fuck home and wearing fucking masks in the stores. If you wanted so badly for schools to open in the fall, you should have skipped your best friend’s BBQ or birthday party. Zoomed w your parents on Mother’s/ Father’s Day. Skipped the beach on Memorial Day weekend or the Fourth of July weekend. The virus is out of control because we let it. You can either have your bars and play dates now, OR you can have schools open in the fall. You can’t have both.

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Online Activist Training Starts June 16th

Do you have an issue that energizes you?  Are you angry and want substantive change?  Do you want to make your voice be heard regarding police violence against people of color? We have a once in a generation opportunity for real change or we could lose it if we don’t ORGANIZE NOW!

The first class will be June 16 at 7PM and we will organize from there. We want to help you develop your activism so that you constructively and safely get exactly what you want. We want your voice to be heard louder and go further.  We will connect you with activists who care about what you do throughout the state. The class will go over

  • Your rights as protesters
  • How to plan various highly impactful methods of civil disobedience
  • Social media and how to organize
  • How to register voters and  work in a campaign.

The final project will be a county wide event, organized and planned by the students, with the support of the organized activist community to make sure that their message is heard. Indivisible DuPage pictured above at the 2018 Women’s March has been on the forefront of political activism locally since it began in January 2017 to fight Trump’s agenda.  We were angrily denounced by Jeannie Ives and the Illinois Tea Party because they believe that we are one of the most effective methods of change locally.

Sign up here and you’ll be sent information for the first Zoom class.

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Summer Candidate Training Class Begins June 20th

Indivisible DuPage and Team Illinois for Equity and Reform will provide applicable virtual training and digital materials for those interested in running for local elected offices in April 2021 and November 2022. The training will be for an hour and a half once a week from June 20- September 12 at a time convenient for those that are interested.  We will meet online. This will be a free training but you must fill in this form to reserve your spot. After you fill this in, a confirmation will be sent to you. If you have any questions please email or call Diane at 630-776-2324. Thank you for being interested.

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PC Training Begins June 25th

If you’re a new PC or considering becoming one, you are welcome to attend this training via Zoom. Join us for the first session on June 25th at 8 PM.

Sign up here.

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LTDO Plant Fundraiser

Thanks to LTDO Vice Chair Claire Goldenberg, now you can enjoy delicious home-grown tomatoes and cilantro, while providing vital support to the organization.

Suggested donation is $2 per plant, and may be picked up at 709 Front Street, on the back patio. All items are labeled, and are self-serve. Order here.

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Black Lives Matter!

The Lisle Township Democratic Organization (LTDO) believes that BLACK LIVES MATTER!  We are deeply disturbed at the cruel display of violence by Minneapolis police officers who took the life of Mr. George Floyd. The brutal treatment of African-Americans in our country must stop and police must be held accountable.

The right of Americans to protest and express their rage nonviolently is guaranteed under the First Amendment of our Constitution and we support these nonviolent protests.

We denounce the looting and property damage for it has no place in advancing the cause of justice and civil liberty.

In addition, LTDO believes that

  • The voices of the oppressed in our society must be amplified to bring about action items for change within our police departments across the country.
  • There must be better criteria for use of force by police instilled in their practices and policies.
  • There must be better reporting and improved strategies for acts of police brutality.
  • Better strategies to quickly identify police officers with a propensity for abuse.
  • Improved discipline for police officers.
  • Better relations between the police and the community.

To help bring about the systemic change our country requires, LTDO wants to support candidates who will promote legislation to:

  • Create greater economic sustainability for minority communities.
  • Improve educational opportunities and promote policies to end the “school to prison pipeline”.
  • Strengthen healthcare.
  • Eliminate disparities in our criminal justice system.
  • Expand voting rights and political representation.
  • Provide programs for youth and young adults.
  • End excessive prosecution of people of color as in Ferguson, MO.
  • DuPage County needs bail reform.
  • Candidates need to support well researched and effective policies to reduce police violence like Campaign Zero.
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Need a Patriotic/Democratic Face mask?

We are sewing surgical style cotton face masks that are washable and reusable.
Protect yourself and others and help raise money for the Lisle Township Democratic Organization (LTDO)—helping Democratic candidates local, state and national.

Sizes are Child,Adult Medium, and Adult Large with elastic ear loops or cotton ties—your choice.
Suggested donations:   $10.00 @ or 3 for $25

Child Size 4×6                  with elastic Ear loops or cotton ties
Adult Medium 5.5 x 7.5    with elastic Ear loops or cotton ties
Adult Large 6 x 8              with elastic Ear loops or cotton ties

To get an awesome Democratic mask, fill out this form completely: At the end of the form you will have two options to donate: mail a check to our treasurer or by clicking the ActBlue link you will find.

Some of our popular fabrics are running out, but we will substitute the closest pattern we can get. We can email or text you when your masks are ready, then send them by USPS or deliver to your door if you are in our neighborhood

The Lisle Township Democrats appreciate your help!

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LTDO Membership Meeting on June 8

Our Membership Meeting on Monday June 8th at 7:30-9PM will be devoted to understanding the Black Lives Matter movement. Naperville City Councilman Benjamin White, co-founder of Naperville Neighbors United will be our speaker. We must be able to discuss uncomfortable but essential topics in a safe space, and only active members and people we know will be admitted. That is what we need for change to happen. Join us for this important discussion via Zoom from your digital device.

To register, please follow this link; after completing the form you will be sent a link to the meeting.  If it is your first time, you’ll be prompted to download the Zoom application for easy viewing. (Note: if you mislay the link you receive, go back to the above registration link.)

We look forward to meeting you or seeing you again! If you are new or need help with Zoom, please contact, or view some Zoom tutorials:

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Masks are the new seat belts

Before face masks, Americans went to war against seat belts (Business Insider)

A woman fastens her seat belt in 1970

A woman fastens her seat belt in 1970. – Lambert/Getty Images

Oh, boy, do I remember this from the 1960’s. I remember my Dad installing seat belts in our car. As a kid, I was not at all political (but definitely a nerd) and remember rolling my eyes at the “better to be thrown from the car” argument. What, through the windshield? “What if the car goes into water or catches fire” (I guess it can’t do both) makes a bit more sense, but are way too improbable to pay the price of not being protected.

I suspect many people still don’t understand that belts work with the “crumple zone” in front as a shock absorber to reduce g-forces in a crash.

“You wanna bounce through this one?” the exec asks the crew in the deceleration scene in Forbidden Planet.

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