2020 Candidates: DuPage County Forest Preserve

District 2

Tina Tyson-Dunne

Why are you running for this office?

I am passionate about protecting and preserving the lands we hold while also ensuring opportunities for our community to connect with nature and our local history. Habitat preservation in a huge focus of mine, as our preserves are such a valuable ecosystem in our county and changes in our climate is something we have to take very seriously in the management of our lands. As a Master Naturalist, I do the bulk of my time volunteering for the DuPage Forest Preserve, natural resources being my favorite assisting in scientific data being used by the Forest Preserve and other outside institutions.

What are you planning to do if you win?

Fiscal responsibility would be my first step as I will choose to not take the insurance offered for myself or husband and fully support cutting the salary of commissioners by 25%. Ensuring the East Branch River Trail moves forward, which will give the communities of Glen Ellyn, Lisle and Lombard connection to the Morton Arboretum, Prairie Path and Great Western Trail. Included solar on all new or renovation projects moving the Forest Preserve on a path of sustainability. Ensure the needs of the DuPage Forest Preserve employees and volunteers are being met as they are vital to the successful operation and preservation of our preserves. I would also continue to be a volunteer as so many of the programs are dependent on the success of volunteer involvement.

District 5

Barbara O’Meara

Why are you running for this office?

The position of Commissioner for the DuPage County Forest Preserve has been on my radar since before 2016. Environmental conservation is something I care deeply about. It is reflected in my educational background, a degree in Biology and Masters in Public Health; in my professional career in environmental health; and, teaching both environmental biology and biology at a community college. I have the knowledge, the work history, the teaching experience and the drive to run and win this seat.

What are you planning to do if you win?

We need to elect forward thinking people to every open seat across the county. The Forest Preserve needs to look 5, 10, 20 years out and commit to more environmentally friendly, ecologically sound, and responsible stewardship of the areas we govern. I will bring new ideas to the table, support other commissioners visions, and add strength to our elected Forest Preserve President. We can and should be looking at habitat restoration, wetland rehabilitation and overall protection of the land, water and air that the Forest Preserve oversees. My public health background brings a unique eye to the protection of the citizen users of our Forest Preserve. We need to create safe spaces for the patrons and their pets to visit and utilize. None of this gets done by a single board member and I will work with those elected to forward the Forest Preserve to become a leader here and across the nation.

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