Why is Michigan Important?

Go BlueOf all the swing states for which I’m gathering information and contacts, Michigan is at the top of my list due to ease of help and importance. Michigan is allowing people to start signing up now for mail-in voting November and it’s a permanent sign up, not one every cycle. Here’s why some groups are focused on this area of Michigan:

  • Only 70 miles from downtown Chicago to the district edge (160 miles to far end)
  • Presidential: Trump’s results were slightly higher than Romney’s in MI-6 (+1.13%). The big difference: Clinton received 16,645 votes less than Obama in MI-6. Trump won Michigan by just 10,704 votes.
  • Dem US Senate seat to defend.
  • Vulnerable 17-term GOP Congressional incumbent facing strong challenge from well-organized Dem State Rep. Jon Hoadley.
  • 3 GOP State House seats within MI-6 considered flippable – just 3 seats are needed to flip the Michigan State House to the Dems which would address extensive gerrymandering and Republican mismanagement.

There are a variety of ways to help in Michigan from here. Postcards in packets of 100 and 50 are on my porch now at 6008 Lenox Ct. in a covered box for contact-free pick up.

Here’s some info on the phone banks and training program done by a variety of groups and campaigns focused on the same thing:

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