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2022 Elections, COVID, and Our Schools

2022 Elections, COVID, and Our Schools

by Karen Peck and Lynn Trevarthen

The stage is being set to reverse Democratic gains from the 2020 election. We’re already aware that  the 2022 elections will be another “election of our lifetime.” Now is the time for each one of us, personally, to act. There is so much at risk.

There’s an increasing presence of far-right members in our community fighting against science and equity. They are anti-mask, anti-vaccine, and anti-diversity, equity, inclusion training. It’s critical that voices for democracy and science establish and maintain a presence to counter the propaganda spewed by far-right agitators. There’s a nationwide push to sow disinformation and fear, just as GOP-led state legislatures are working to pass laws to suppress voting rights, which disproportionately affect people of color, students, the elderly, the disabled, and new voters. GOP operatives are deliberately focusing on local elections, school boards, library boards political events

Much as we may wish that it couldn’t happen here, it can, and it is. Anti-vaxers and anti-maskers are organized and very vocal at our local school board meetings.They are actively launching FOIA requests in districts in an attempt to intimidate school board members. They are promoting their extreme beliefs across social media. They attack teachers who speak out. One of us recently spoke at a school board meeting to counter one of these ultra conservative presenters.

We need people who share our values to run for school board and for local office. Do “the ask” when speaking with friends, neighbors, and people in your precinct.

We also need to be voices spreading awareness of what is happening in our local school boards and to attend meetings to speak up to counter the extreme voices. Any citizen can speak at school board meetings – you do not need to be a parent of a current student.

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