By | 2020-10-13
1. Be sure you're registered
  1. If you think or hope that you're already registered, verify it here.
  2. If you are not registered, apply online through Sunday, October 18.
  3. After October 18 you will have to register via this paper form.
  4. For a motor voter form you can print out and have people sign go to You just read the directions.
  5. For a QR Code that you can scan to register voters go here
2a. Find your ballot

A. Find your Precinct and ballot

  1. Go to DuPage County's Voter Lookup Page.
  2. Select "Search By Address".
  3. Fill in your information and click "Search".
  4. You'll get a result like this. Notice that you can view a sample ballot. Make note of your Precinct Number.

B. Who to vote for

  1. Go to our My Precinct page and select your precinct number.
  2. This will pull up information for your precinct. Just below your precinct selection should be a link to a full-color document describing our endorsements.