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Act Now for Electric Pace Buses

Pace, the suburban Chicago transit agency, has proposed purchasing 125 additional Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses and 78 new diesel buses in its capital budget. However, their budget includes NO orders for electric buses! If purchased, these fossil fuel-powered buses will be on Illinois roads for the next 12 to 15 years! A Pace Board meeting is being held on July 21, The DuPage Clean Energy Coalition is asking people to take action by July 19.

Two things you can do:
  1. Sierra Club Illinois has set up a Pace action page where you can sign on telling Pace that purchases of diesel buses are not acceptable and that electric buses are the right choice, environmentally and economically.
  2. Email your Pace Board member by July 13 to ask that they purchase electric buses instead of diesel. (Thomas D. Marcucci, former mayor of Elmhurst, represents DuPage County. You can email him at If you are also willing to meet with your Board member, please contact Connie Schmidt at’s a copy of DCEC’s email with a sample script.
Please pass this along to your other groups, family, and friends in the Chicago suburbs as well! Thank you!

Illinois Bills Need Your Help

Illinois legislators are going on break (until Fall!) soon. Due to the pandemic, there’s a backlog of critical bills that are close to the finish line this week. Below are the most popular. If you want to take action, find your representatives with contact information: “HB” means it’s is in the House of Representatives; “SB” means in the Senate. Nervous? Try our Beginner’s Guide to Calling Your Rep.

  • Climate and Jobs: HB 0804 – CEJA (Clean Energy Jobs Act) Can’t Wait – Info:
  • Animal Welfare: HB 1711 – This is to stop puppy mills. It needs to be heard by the Senate Agriculture committee by May 14 or the bill dies without being passed. Info:
  • Electoral Reform- SB 1785 – This will allow rank choice voting in State level, State Representative  and presidential primaries.
    Info: or
  • Social Justice – HB 3913- Sensible solution to chronic homelessness for people with convictions
  • Earned Discretionary Release: SB 2333 Establishes that after serving 20 years, a person is eligible to have their case heard in front of the Parole Review Board.
  • End Prison Slave Labor Act: SB 0649 Expands the state minimum wage to include people serving a sentence at the Illinois Department of Corrections and increases the state pay for all people incarcerated in Illinois prisons.
  • Judicial Quality Act: SB0563 Ensures Judges receive quarterly training on racial bias, child abuse, trans and gender nonconforming identities, and the impact of trauma on youth brain development.
  • Jury Qualification: SB2437 This bill provides that no person who is qualified and able to serve as a juror may be excluded from jury service on the basis of a previous criminal record.

 Why is Michigan Important?

Go BlueOf all the swing states for which I’m gathering information and contacts, Michigan is at the top of my list due to ease of help and importance. Michigan is allowing people to start signing up now for mail-in voting November and it’s a permanent sign up, not one every cycle. Here’s why some groups are focused on this area of Michigan:

  • Only 70 miles from downtown Chicago to the district edge (160 miles to far end)
  • Presidential: Trump’s results were slightly higher than Romney’s in MI-6 (+1.13%). The big difference: Clinton received 16,645 votes less than Obama in MI-6. Trump won Michigan by just 10,704 votes.
  • Dem US Senate seat to defend.
  • Vulnerable 17-term GOP Congressional incumbent facing strong challenge from well-organized Dem State Rep. Jon Hoadley.
  • 3 GOP State House seats within MI-6 considered flippable – just 3 seats are needed to flip the Michigan State House to the Dems which would address extensive gerrymandering and Republican mismanagement.

There are a variety of ways to help in Michigan from here. Postcards in packets of 100 and 50 are on my porch now at 6008 Lenox Ct. in a covered box for contact-free pick up.

Here’s some info on the phone banks and training program done by a variety of groups and campaigns focused on the same thing: