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Be Safe During Severe Weather Season

The recent Tornado disaster in Naperville should remind us that no one is immune. Here’s how to be vigilant during severe weather season.

The outdoor sirens are intended to alert people who are outdoors. You should NOT rely on them to alert you when you are indoors.

Know the difference between Watches and Warnings.

  • A WATCH means the conditions are right for severe weather in your area and you should be alert.
  • A WARNING means that something dangerous is happening NOW and you should take immediate protective measures if you are in the warned ares.

While the now-common cell phone alerts are great, note that cell towers are easy marks for tornadoes. The most reliable alerting device is a NOAA Weather Radio. These will turn on automatically to alert you during a watch or warning. This is an example of an inexpensive full-featured model (disclaimer: I don’t own one of these and can’t “endorse” it as such, but it looks pretty good).

Tech Tutorials, Anyone?

This is not the time to subject yourself to unnecessary tutorials, but if you’re doing a lot of work with a particular tool and thinking “there must be an easier way”, you might want to browse these. I’ve had “make tutorials” on my back burner job list for some time, but there are tons of tutorials already out there; it’s just a question of finding one that’s suitable. I’m just getting started and haven’t vetted these thoroughly, but I’ve at least looked at them and they’re not awful.

And don’t forget to click “Help” on the main menu of whatever you’re fighting with using! I still forget to do this before embarking on a laborious geeky search.

Google Drive

Google Docs

  • Did you know that Google Docs takes dictation? But it only works with the Chrome browser.



Get Your Flu Shot

Be sure to get a flu shot soon! It won’t prevent COVID, but it will help you avoid getting the flu and COVID, which can really ruin your day. Some help:

My suggestion: if you don’t have a humidfier for your home, this might be the right time to get one if you can; you’ll probably be more comfortable in any case.

Why is there a flu season, anyway?

14 activities rated for COVID-19 risk

Beware — this all assumes compliance with masking and social distancing. Here’s a summary, but obviously read the New York Times article for details.

1. A BYOB backyard gathering with one other household: low to medium risk. ⚠️
2. Eating indoors at a restaurant: medium to high risk — “one of the riskiest things you can do. ⚠️?
3. Attending a religious service indoors: high risk. ?
4. Spending the day at a popular beach or pool: low risk — “as long as you can stay socially distanced”.
5. An outdoor celebration such as a wedding with more than 10 guests: medium to high risk. ⚠️?
6. Using a public restroom: low to medium risk — ventilation is the variable here. ⚠️
7. Letting a friend use your bathroom: low risk (turn the fan on).
8. Going to a vacation house with another family: low risk.
10. Getting a haircut: medium to high risk. ⚠️?
11. Going shopping at a mall: risk varies.
12. Going to a nightclub: high risk. ?
13. Going camping: low risk.
14. Exercising outdoors: low risk ?