Lisle Township Democratic Organization

"Not everyone is guilty. But everyone is responsible." - Dostoevsky

Be Safe During Severe Weather Season

The recent Tornado disaster in Naperville should remind us that no one is immune. Here’s how to be vigilant during severe weather season.

The outdoor sirens are intended to alert people who are outdoors. You should NOT rely on them to alert you when you are indoors.

Know the difference between Watches and Warnings.

  • A WATCH means the conditions are right for severe weather in your area and you should be alert.
  • A WARNING means that something dangerous is happening NOW and you should take immediate protective measures if you are in the warned ares.

While the now-common cell phone alerts are great, note that cell towers are easy marks for tornadoes. The most reliable alerting device is a NOAA Weather Radio. These will turn on automatically to alert you during a watch or warning. This is an example of an inexpensive full-featured model (disclaimer: I don’t own one of these and can’t “endorse” it as such, but it looks pretty good).

Membership Meeting Monday, May 10

Join the May Lisle Township Organization on May 10th at 7:30PM via Zoom at We will be hearing the latest from Springfield. State Senator Laura Ellman of the 21st District and State Representative Janet Yang Rohr of the 41st District will be educating us on what they have been doing in Springfield. They have both been very active passing exciting new legislation, maintaining district services & serving the people. All Democrats are invited.

Help Get Out the Vote

We need to alert as many voters as possible to get to the polls by April 6th to vote for our Democratic slate. If you have a few extra hours to help, please take a look at the opportunities below and contact Geri Smith at if you can help and want more details.

Top Priority! Lit Dropping in a precinct
Take in some warm weather and sunshine! Each volunteer takes one precinct – basically hanging Democratic lit bags on doorknobs. Materials are provided. Since vote-by-mail ballots have been going out and early voting is underway, the sooner we drop lit bags at households, the better. This requires approximately 2-4 hours of your time, depending upon the size of the precinct.

These are available in bundles of 50. You are provided a script to write, a set of addresses and the postcards. You provide the stamps.

Put up signs supporting the LTDO slate at well-trafficked areas throughout the township. The more signs we put up, the more publicity we have for our candidates!

Pick up POSTCARDS and SIGNS from bins on the porches at one of these addresses:

Contact Geri Smith at if you’re uncertain what’s available where.

Pollwatcher Training
If you are interested in poll-watching, please register to attend one of our Zoom training sessions:

  • Sunday, 21-March: 7-8pm (
  • Sunday, 4-April:     7-8pm (

Register with this form:

Phone Banking
Join others any Tuesday or Thursday evening from 6-8PM.  If you have any questions, it’s helpful to have a few others on the line that may be able to help or answer questions.

LTDO Trivia Night July 31!

Please join us on Friday, July 31 from 8:00-9:00 p.m. for LTDO’s next Trivia Night Fundraiser. The event will be hosted on Zoom by LTDO member Urzula Urzua.

Did you miss our first Trivia Night?  You missed a great time! We are going to be playing via Zoom1, so be camera ready (or wear a mask)!!  Help LTDO raise funds for rent, printing, and postage.  Every little bit helps.

You may enter for any donation amount. Winners will receive Democratic-themed protective hand-sewn masks.

The event will go live at 8:00 p.m., and there will be a new round of trivia about every 15 minutes. Feel free to join any game. Our host will also serve as scorekeeper and referee.

The host will email you a Zoom invitation once your donation is processed.

All proceeds will go to support LTDO programs. We look forward to seeing you there!

1We played via Facebook last time, and some of us were watching answers pop up before the video caught up with the questions. It was like Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent routines. This shouldn’t be a problem with Zoom, nor will the Facebook-averse need logins.

2022 Elections, COVID, and Our Schools

by Karen Peck and Lynn Trevarthen

The stage is being set to reverse Democratic gains from the 2020 election. We’re already aware that  the 2022 elections will be another “election of our lifetime.” Now is the time for each one of us, personally, to act. There is so much at risk.

There’s an increasing presence of far-right members in our community fighting against science and equity. They are anti-mask, anti-vaccine, and anti-diversity, equity, inclusion training. It’s critical that voices for democracy and science establish and maintain a presence to counter the propaganda spewed by far-right agitators. There’s a nationwide push to sow disinformation and fear, just as GOP-led state legislatures are working to pass laws to suppress voting rights, which disproportionately affect people of color, students, the elderly, the disabled, and new voters. GOP operatives are deliberately focusing on local elections, school boards, library boards political events

Much as we may wish that it couldn’t happen here, it can, and it is. Anti-vaxers and anti-maskers are organized and very vocal at our local school board meetings.They are actively launching FOIA requests in districts in an attempt to intimidate school board members. They are promoting their extreme beliefs across social media. They attack teachers who speak out. One of us recently spoke at a school board meeting to counter one of these ultra conservative presenters.

We need people who share our values to run for school board and for local office. Do “the ask” when speaking with friends, neighbors, and people in your precinct.

We also need to be voices spreading awareness of what is happening in our local school boards and to attend meetings to speak up to counter the extreme voices. Any citizen can speak at school board meetings – you do not need to be a parent of a current student.

For further information