The most protective thing you can do is to get vaccinated. For current vaccine availability check the DuPage County Health Department Vaccine Page.


At this time, you should wear a mask in public indoor spaces and congested outdoor spaces. The DuPage County Health Department has a resource page for making cloth masks.

Personally, I use KN-95 masks which have specifications very close to the coveted N-95s. Because I hate fussing with my ears, I also choose a head-and-neckband model. Here’s the model I use:

White Powecom KN95 Respirator Face Mask – Headband Style – 10 per pack

Currently $11.50 for the 10-pack. My experience is that these seal easily and I like the “tent” over my mouth. They are good for about 12 hours of use, so I have one for each day of the week to allow the nasties time to die after light use.

Disclaimer: while I like this supplier, you can certainly find other good sources for these.

Wash Your Hands

The technique for washing your hands correctly is not intuitive! You can count to 20 if you like, but if you’re doing it properly you’ll use at least that much time. Here is a vivid demonstration of how to do it right.