Georgia Senate Runoff

Help Georgia by Supporting Local Organizations

Georgians are so heartened by the many folks across the country who want to help Georgia! Countless folks and organizations have been working on the ground here for years, and will also live here long after the runoffs are over. So with a plea to *listen to locals* and *let locals lead*, we present a list of candidates and local organizations we ask that Georgians and out-of-staters consider helping, with donations and/or volunteering. This list is not exhaustive, but represents many of the organizations we’ve worked with over the years, including many BIPOC/women-led groups, to promote their needs. We urge you to contact them directly via the links provided below.

Key Dates

  • Now: Georgians can request absentee ballots for these elections (recommendation: request no later than 14 days before Jan. 5):
  • Dec 7: Voter registration deadline for U.S. Senate election.
  • Dec 14-31: early voting (not held Dec 24-25); check for more info.
  • Jan. 5: Runoffs for U.S. Senate; runoff for statewide seat (Public Service Commission 4)

The Candidates

Phone or text banking

Georgia Organizations