How to Vote!

Want to vote and don’t know where to begin? There are three major steps:

1. Be sure you’re registered

  1. Go to the Illinois website to check whether you’re registered –
    If you’re already registered, it will tell you — awesome! — that’s it!
  2. If you’re not registered (online registration is now closed), please check the DuPage Voter Registration Page for instructions.
  3. For a motor voter form you can print out and have people sign go to You just read the directions.
  4. For a QR Code that you can scan to register voters go here


2. Find out who’s on YOUR ballot and who to vote for

A. Find your Precinct and ballot

  1. Go to DuPage County’s Voter Lookup Page.
  2. Select “Search By Address”.
  3. Fill in your information and click “Search”.
  4. You’ll get a result like this. Notice that you can view a sample ballot. Make note of your Precinct Number.

B. Who to vote for

  1. Go to LTDO’s My Precinct page and select your precinct number.
  2. This will pull up information for your precinct. Just below your precinct selection should be a link to a full-color document describing our endorsements.


3. Decide how to vote

Early Voting

  • First day – Thursday, September 24, 2020 (40th day prior to an election)
  • Last day – Monday, November 2, 2020 (1 day prior to an election)

This is for the DuPage County Campus Site ( Additional sites will be available beginning October 19. Check the DuPage Early Voting page for details:


Vote by Mail

You can apply to vote by mail RIGHT NOW, and you can send in your ballot and send in yo

Vote like you would pay a bill. It is safe, secure, easy and fast.

  1. If you live in DuPage go here for the online application.
  2. If you have a handicap placard or doctor’s note, you can get the very best postage prepaid automatic 5 year ballot application at:
  3. To request a paper application you will need to send in, go to:
  4. If you live in the Collar Counties, to get your online ballot, your paper ballot and track it, or the 5 year disabled ballot go to:
  5. If you live in the rest of Illinois use this link to figure out vote by mail information:

There should also be secure drop-off points to submit your ballot; as with Early Voting Locations, these have not been established yet.


Vote in person on Election Day

This might be your choice of last resort. People will be fearful of COVID infection and there will likely be shortages of election judges for the same reason.


And don’t forget to vote for the Fair Tax!

The Fair Tax will be on your ballot; be sure to vote for it.

Currently we have a regressive income tax, which means that the rich pay less proportionate to their income than the poor.  This election cycle, we can choose to have a more stable state financial situation. It will make the tax system progressive, so the richer among us pay their fair share.  Check out for more information.

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