Vote YES for the Fair Tax

The Fair Tax will enable us to generate the operating revenue we need without raising taxes on working people.

If you think that a more equitable taxation system is a worthwhile goal, please vote YES on the Fair Tax. NOT voting counts as a “NO” vote.

Only individuals that earn over 250k will see an increase in their taxes. Calculate here:

Most states have a graduated income tax (Fair Tax), where those of greater means pay a higher rate than those of lesser means. Illinois has a flat income tax that results in those who can least afford it paying at the same rate as the most fortunate. This situation has been one of the main drivers of our State debt, as we’ve been unable to generate the revenue we need for decades.

According to State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Centreville): “We are one of the few states in the country to still have a flat tax. We’re losing residents every year and they’re going to neighboring states that have a fair tax system. If we want to keep our residents in Illinois, we must adopt a fair tax or they are going to move to Minnesota, which is a leader in job creation because they have fair tax. It’s time for the wealthy in Illinois start paying their fair share and taxes be cut for working families.”

League of Women Voters Fair Tax Advocacy Toolkit: