The grass roots and foundation of the political parties are its precinct committeepersons (PCs). They serve as the foot soldiers to the most fundamental political unit of government, the precinct. The precinct committeeperson helps shape party policy and participates in the selection process of candidates. 

A precinct committeeperson is elected to a two-year term in the even-year primary elections.  You can become one at other times by being appointed. 

A precinct committeeperson’s responsibilities include: 

➡️ Attend and become involved in the party’s Township meetings.

➡️ Provide candidate and election information to the voters.

➡️ Circulate petitions for candidates prior to the primary election.

➡️ Become familiar with the elected officials and legislatures so the concerns of the voters can be passed on to them.

The time commitment varies but is highest during election season. 

In DuPage County, we have shown that just one Precinct Committeeperson can improve the quality and quantity of voter participation in an entire neighborhood with hundreds of voters by talking to their neighbors. We see the results in elections. In 2018 election 55% of Lisle Township voters supported Democrats.

We seek to be credible and reliable peopleto contact about voting, candidates, and issues for our neighbors about elections. 

PCs form a community of mutual assistancer. We often work in teams. We compare our experiences. We try out new approaches. We talk and listen to voters. And we have fun doing it! Because of the unique role we serve in local politics, we are also leaders and influential voices in the Lisle Township Democratic Organization and The Democratic Party of DuPage County.

When you join us as a PC, we pledge to do everything we can to assure your success in this truly unique and essential position in our democracy. We provide training and tools that we are continually refining. We have veteran PC’s who will share everything they have learned.

Please consider joining our impactful team of PCs.  If you are interested in this position please call or text Diane Hewitt at 630-776-2324. She will connect you with your twp.