If you don’t know what representative districts you’re in, consult the

DuPage Voter Lookup Tool

Scroll to the bottom of the page; the easiest choice is probably Search By Address.

An alternative is Find and contact elected officials

This is a similar tool that provides a list of your elected officials down to the county level and also provides party affiliation, address, phone number, and website.

Local Districts and Offices

DuPage County

Lisle Township

Lisle Township Municipalities

The following tables need to be updated, so beware!

The following offices serve all of Lisle Township.

White House: 202 456-1111
Switchboard to reach both houses of Congress: 202 224-3121

First Name Last Name Level Office Party Ballotpedia or Official Website
Joe Biden US President Dem Joe_Biden
Kamala Harris US Vice-President Dem Kamala_Harris
Tammy Duckworth US Senator Dem Tammy_Duckworth
Dick Durbin US Senator Dem Dick_Durbin
Dan Hebreard DuPage Cty Forest Prsv Dist President Dem president-daniel-hebreard

Who represents you in the following offices depends on where you live. Go here to look them up if necessary, then refer to the following table.

First Name Last
Level Office District Party Ballotpedia or
Official Website
Sean Casten US Representative 6 Dem Sean_Casten
Bill Foster US Representative 11 Dem Bill_Foster
Lauren Underwood US Representative 14 Dem Lauren_
Laura Ellman Illinois Senator 21 Dem Laura_Ellman
Suzanne Glowiak Illinois Senator 24 Dem Suzanne_
Karina Villa Illinois Senator 25 Dem Karina_Villa
John Connor Illinois Senator 43 Dem John_Connor
Janet Yang Rohr Illinois Representative 41 Dem Janet_
Amy Grant Illinois Representative 42 Rep Amy_Grant
Terra Costa-Howard Illinois Representative 48 Dem Terra_
Anne Stava-Murray Illinois Representative 81 Dem Anne_
Liz Chaplin DuPage Cty County Board 2 Dem /CountyBoard/Chaplin/
Paula Garcia DuPage Cty County Board 2 Dem /CountyBoard/Garcia/
Tina Tyson-Dunne DuPage Cty Forest Prsv Comissioner 2 Dem commissioner-
Barb O’Meara DuPage Cty Forest Prsv Comissioner 5 Dem commissioner-

State of Illinois

  • Illinois Secretary of State 

  • IL Senate President: 217 782-2728
  • IL House Speaker: 217 782- 5350

DuPage Townships

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