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Candidate info: Congressman Bill Foster

By | December 8, 2019

Running for: US Congress, 11th District Email: campaign@billfoster.com Phone: Robert Bourret – 630-310-6588 Campaign manager: Robert Bourret –  robert@billfoster.com Facebook:  facebook.com/RepBillFoster/ Website:  billfoster.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/Foster4Congress Why are you running for this office? The House Democratic majority has shown Americans what Democrats stand for. Protecting and defending the ACA, Election reform and ending gerrymandering, passing universal… Read More »

Candidate info: Rachel Ventura

By | December 8, 2019

Running for: US House of Representative, 11th Congressional District Email: hello@rachelfventura.com Phone: 630-878-7454 Campaign manager: John Laesch    john@rachelfventura.com Facebook: facebook.com/electventura Website: electventura.com Twitter: twitter.com/electventura Instagram: instagram.com/electventura Why are you running for this office? I believe government should work for EVERYONE! However, our political system currently works best for the wealthy few and not the majority.… Read More »