During the Coronavirus outbreak, we will need to conduct more LTDO business, including meetings, online. Since the primary online tool we use is Google and its applications, it would be a great help if as many members as possible would obtain their own Google accounts.

Although Google accounts include Gmail, you do NOT have to use it if you don’t want to. We just need you to have the account so that we can grant you access to documents, meeting videos, etc., that we don’t want to share publicly.

To sign up, you will need to provide a phone number to receive a verification code — this can be received by voice as well as text, so a “landline” number will work just fine.

Go to google.com

This is the “not logged in” view. (If you find yourself logged in to a Google account and wish to create another, just log out.) Click the blue “Sign in” button.

Click the text that says “Create account”

You will see this popup

You probably want to choose For myself.

Fill in this form

Filled in your name, then choose a user name and password. Then click “Next”.

Enter your phone number

Sorry, there is no way around this step. This is easiest for a phone that can receive text, but there is an option for voice-only phones.

Enter the verification code

You should receive a verification code by text. If you can’t receive texts, click Call instead and Google will call and give you the number by voice.

Fill in the Welcome page

  • Optionally, provide an alternate email; this will help if you forget your Google password.
  • “Your birthday” is used by Google to manage age-restricted sites. If you want to provide a phony date, go ahead; nothing bad will happen.
  • You can also decline to provide your “Gender” if you prefer.
  • Click “Next.

You can accept the “Get more” options or skip them

Agree to “Privacy and Terms”

You’re in!

The circle with your initial at the upper right provides a drop-down menu that you can use to manage your account, create another account, or log out.

The dotted square icon opens a drop-down of Google Apps

You can drag these to re-arrange them. If you scroll down, you’ll see Google Hangouts, which we may use for virtual meetings.