Bill White

Why are you running for this office?

I am seeking the office of Auditor to help bring good government to the people of DuPage County, consistent with Democratic principles. Good government is transparent, efficient, responsive to the needs of our residents and serves the general welfare. Democratic good government rejects a mindless commitment to austerity and rejects the ideology that government is the enemy of the people. I’ve participated in providing good government with my service as an elected official on the District 99 Board of Education and as an elected village commissioner on Downers Grove village council.

What are you planning to do if you win?

As auditor I intend to bring transparency to the decision-making process, which currently happens behind closed doors. Today, typical practice is for the leaders of the Republican majority to decide what they want to do in advance and then choreograph the committee meetings and county board meetings to present those pre-arranged decisions in the best possible light. As auditor, I can investigate more deeply into the facts and circumstances underlying various decisions. On Day One as auditor, I will initiate the development of an online portal to allow convenient access to the campaign contributions made by vendors and others doing business with the county. The auditor cannot prohibit campaign donors from having contracts with the county, but the auditor can make sure contributions are openly and transparently linked to those contracts.

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Candice Adams

Why are you running for this office?

I am running for this office because the time is now to have a person who is forward thinking elected to this position. I believe I have the experience and education to improve and modernize the systems maintained by the Clerk’s office, make information gathering easier to navigate and more accessible to the public, and increase awareness of the services provided by the Clerk’s office to the residents of DuPage through community outreach.

What are you planning to do if you win?

If elected to office, I plan on bringing the data stored electronically by the Clerk’s office fully up to date. This includes, but is not limited to, making court documents, including court orders, viewable through the website. In addition, I plan on arranging the website to be more user friendly by highlighting the programs and documents most frequently searched. This includes have a section dedicated to resources attorneys most commonly use and a section with the programs most commonly searched for by non-attorneys. Finally, if elected, I plan on organizing events for the community that informs its members of the services offered by the Clerk’s office. Specifically, I plan on organizing events to help community members with expungements, educating people on the path to get an order of protection, and other similar services.


Greg Whalen


Kathy Carrier