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Archives September 2021

Run on Democratic Values!

Far-right extremists are holding local positions in Naperville now, including as Park District Commissioners, City Council members, on Library and School Boards. A well-funded and concerted effort by extremist operatives is underway to place far-right candidates locally and nationwide.

Democrats cannot let a vocal and hateful minority win. We must not be silent in the face of irresponsible and oppressive decisions.

Please consider running for local office. We know we can do better.   We know you can do better. We know we are all better when candidates respect women and minorities and behave ethically.

Run for office. Uphold our democratic values of ethics, respect, and dignity for each and every person.

You will have on-the-ground support to help you win. Be a Democratic Representative who makes decisions for our community based on facts and science. Be a Democratic candidate who respects  women in office. Be the best candidate for our city.