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Green Gift Ideas

The best gift of all is the gift of your time in meaningful presence with others.
These personal actions will combine toward making a restored, healthy planet. Supporting local businesses is better for the earth and the economy. Consider buying locally produced goods to help our small local businesses.

Toys: In a recent study at the University of Toledo, Ohio, researchers hypothesized that “an abundance of toys reduced the quality of toddlers’ play”, and that fewer toys will benefit children in the long-term.”

There is a significant advertising push for us to buy Christmas gifts early, due to supply chain issues. This is a perfect opportunity to re-consider our holiday traditions for gift giving. Consider buying gift cards for services, such as a massage or a restaurant meal.  When giving gifts, think about what the recipients need or something unexpected.  Perhaps a coupon for a night of babysitting, a coupon for yard work help, or maybe they need money to help pay bills.  A card with a note telling someone how important they are to you could be the best gift they receive. Orake a contribution to a charity and let your recipient know you made this as their Christmas gift.

SCARCE, located at 800 S. Rohlwing Rd. (Rt. 53) (Unit D) in Addison, has a vast selection of donated LPs for collectors of vinyl records-and at a significantly lower price than vinyl record stores. They also carry a large selection of donated DVDs and books curated by a volunteer librarian.

Start a tradition of playing gift bingo: Each person brings a wrapped gift (many in re-usable gift bags) and takes turns selecting them. These gifts could be anything from a jar of pickles or some grapefruits, to a book previously read. It is a fun way to spend the holiday and to give away things that you no longer wish to keep but that someone else could enjoy.

Media: Last Week Tonight

John Oliver is a national treasure. His Last Week Tonight is genuinely informative as well as hilarious (although if you absolutely can’t abide f-bombs, it’s not for you). And although the show is officially behind an HBO paywall, the “main story” each week is made available free on YouTube.

What I like best about the show is that the main story is a single-topic backgrounder or explainer, something we desperately need more of instead of merely “the news”. Oliver blends these with both topical humor and absurdly off-topic asides. Importantly, the topics include neglected issues as well as those related to current news. Some less predictable recent topics include Bankruptcy, Long-Term Care, Sponsored Content, Ransomware, Misinformation, and (quite seriously) Hair. Representing (perhaps) the nerd demographic, here is my recent favorite:

The show’s YouTube page also features shorter web exclusives which are mostly just silly, including everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about Duck Stamps.

Needless to add, highly recommended.

Oktoberfest 2021 was Amazing!

LTDO’s Third Annual (and second LIVE) Oktoberfest was a blowout! Everyone was required to be vaccinated and the weather cooperated permitting abundant ventilation of Alter Brewing’s spacious Barrel Room. Everyone was taking photos with everyone else, and if that ain’t a successful political event then I’m a Ferengi.

Your Lazy Editor did not have time to include more than a smattering of photos, but we’re planning a special Oktoberfest Edition. Want to see your photos in the mix? Please email them to and include identifying information!

2022 Election Dates

Lady LibertyJanuary 14 through March 14, 2022

  • Petitions due


  • For the Nomination of Federal, State, and County Officials and for the election of Precinct Committee persons

November 8, 2022 – GENERAL ELECTION

  • For the Election of Federal, State, and County Officials

Letter from Committeeman Michael Cabonargi (9th Congressional District) with details and changes to the legislative calendar.

DuPage Election Division : Upcoming Elections