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"The cynics may be the loudest voices - but I promise you, they will accomplish the least." - Barack Obama

LTDO 2022 Primary Election Postcard Project 

Please contact Holly Hootman to arrange picking up your postcards. This is an excellent volunteer effort for ALL members to help get out the vote from the comfort of your own home. We encourage you to enlist friends and family and host Postcard (PC) Parties. Share your pictures on social media.

Parties can increase the number of postcards you can write and share the cost of 40-cent postage. These parties are excellent opportunities to enjoy and engage people in electing better leadership in our communities.  Let Lisle Township Democratic Organization (LTDO) know if you have a party, and we can help with postage or promotion.

Project Coordinator: 
Holly Hootman

Call or Text: 773-369-5153 or contact on Facebook by PM.

Please Report In-Kind Contributions for Jan. 1 through March 31

As we approach the end of the quarter, I need to collect in-kind donation forms from those of you who contributed anything of value (aside from money) to LTDO during the period from January 1 – March 31. Examples might be postage stamps or items for the office. Your time is NOT considered an in-kind for reporting purposes.

I have attached a sample of how to fill out the state-mandated form, as well as the blank for you to fill. My (semi-humorous) sample shows how to fill out each section.

Upper left: name and address of committee (see sample)

Upper right: your name and address

In-Kind Sample, 4 20

Lower left: fill this out if, for example, you went to a store and bought the item; do not use if you donate something that was already in your own possession

Lower right: date, $ value, and description of the contributed item(s)

Sign and date at the bottom.

This form is NOT actually turned into the state, and you are not identified in my filing unless your donations, both cash and in-kind, exceed $150 for the quarter.


  1. Download and print the form.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Scan and email your form to, OR
    mail it to, or drop off at, my home (641 Sunset Drive, Naperville 60540).

Some of you have already turned in forms for this quarter. If you are unsure, feel free to email me at, and I will check. And of course I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for your help, and for your contributions to the growth and success of LTDO!

Best regards,

Robert Sacks, Treasurer, LTDO

How You Can Help Ukraine

Nancy Staczak recently received this letter from Rep. Robin Kelly, Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois, and received permission for us to reprint it here.
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a direct assault on a democratic nation, and a massive humanitarian crisis. The ongoing war that has taken place in Ukraine over the past three weeks is disturbing and heartbreaking to watch, both as an American and a descendent of Ukrainian relatives.

This is my mother, Cynthia and my great uncle, Bill. Uncle Bill was Ukrainian, and my mom was half-Ukrainian. This violent conflict overseas is personal to me, as it is for so many others.

The photos we’re seeing out of Ukraine’s cities — of mothers carrying babies to the borders, cancer patients hiding from air raids in hospital basements, young men and women volunteering to protect their country, and fathers forced to stay behind to fight — break my heart.

This week, I and other members of Congress heard from courageous Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy directly. It is clear that Ukraine continues to need all the support we can provide, so I wanted to share some ways you can help support the Ukrainian people right now.

Support one of more of these well-regarded organizations aiding Ukraine today:

  • Fight For Right: Coordinating accessible shelter, evacuations, and emergency services, ensuring those living with disabilities aren’t left out of the humanitarian efforts.
  • Hungarian Helsinki Committee: Helping asylum seekers from Ukraine find professional and free legal assistance.
  • Project HOPE: Actively shipping essential medicines and medical supplies to assist Ukrainians.
  • Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights: Helping support women, transgender, and nonbinary activists on the ground in and around Ukraine, by providing flexible funding, access to communication channels, and medical support.
  • The Kyiv Independent: Working to keep the accurate news coming, an English-language media outlet launched three months ago and created on the principles of independent journalism and free-press.

As Democrats, we believe in serving our communities and fighting for truth, freedom, and justice.

Thank you for lending a helping hand to those in need during this difficult time. Together, we can show Ukraine that they are not alone in their fight.

Rep. Robin Kelly
Chair, Democratic Party of Illinois

Cinco de Mayo is This Friday!

Celebrate with us on Friday, April 29! From 6 to 9:30 pm, build your own Mexican feast, including enchiladas, fajitas, chimichangas, and quesadillas. Complete with a LIVE mariachi band from 7 to 8, LTDO invites you to its first Latino-themed fundraiser! Join us at The Abbington in Glen Ellyn, along with all of your fellow Democrats. (3 South 002 IL Route 53 | Glen Ellyn, IL 60137)

It’s primary season, so take this opportunity to meet many of the candidates in a fun and festive atmosphere. Vegetarian and “American” options will also be available. There will be a cash bar.

Tickets are still available at $75 each. Purchase at





Any questions? Please email

If you can’t join us, please consider a donation of an amount of your choosing.

Please donate via ActBlue at or
(Link includes instructions for paying by check if desired.)

Black History is Black Presence

by Rhonda Pettaway Ansier

Black History Month is the time of year when everyone remembers the past and pays homage to the unsung heroes. We honor the Civil Rights Movement with inspirational quotes and photos, or share historic tidbits and facts about the artists, innovators, and inventors whom history has ignored or forgotten. Over my lifetime, this has been as wonderful as it is frustrating. The difficulty with having such a focus on the inspirations of the past is that, for some of them, hindsight is what made them heroes, and there is little acknowledgment of that. We are now inspired by their words and action that got them harassed, jailed, or killed. Many people mean well, and post their favorite inspirational quotes from Black heroes. Others are content to just let it happen, “like” the Black history fact comments on social media and then turn the calendar to a new month, forgetting all about it until the following year. Nevertheless, remembering Black history is important, and there are myriad historical figures from Harriet Tubman to Ruby Bridges who have inspired and continue to inspire us today.

When asked to write about the Black Americans who inspire me, I had a million ideas. I love deep diving into little-known stories and histories of people to bring them to full understanding. I love trivia, and I adore Black art and the contributions that Black artists have made to society. I also wanted to perhaps feature someone not everyone has heard about. I thought of local heroes, like Glennette Tilley Turner, a historian of the Underground Railroad in DuPage County who also happened to be my beloved second-grade teacher, and the first Black teacher (of three) that I ever had. Then I thought: Who is doing the work that still needs doing today? Who is inspiring the ongoing movement that the children of tomorrow can look back on? Who here now possesses the attitudes and fortitudes of our past heroes? Who are the change agents today that are doing what our predecessors did?

I started thinking about the books I’ve delved into over the last few years. I started thinking about the wonderful Black feminist literature I’ve been devouring by people like Roxanne Gay (Bad Feminist), Austin Channing Brown (I’m Still Here), and Mikki Kendall (Hood Feminism). I was thinking about the writers and podcasters like Luvvie Ajayi Jones, who create spaces for Black excellence and joy to be shared. I was thinking about modern-day activists like Tarana Burke, Stacey Abrams, and DeRay McKesson. I also thought about just … us. My friends. My family. My community. My generation. I’ve heard it said that being Black is political by nature. We are doing the work by just being present, being Black, and being unapologetic about it. We are a movement of our own existence.

We are the most inspiring people this Black History Month to me. All of us. Whether we are starting businesses, creating art, or simply trying to get by. We are running for office…and winning. We are running businesses and non-profits. We are living in cities and suburbs. We are going to college and entering trades. We are volunteering and climbing the corporate ladder. We are shattering glass ceilings and expectations. We are creating space and taking up space.

Being Black and present is a statement. A mood. We are out here. We are doing the work every day to change our lives and pave a better way just by being present. We are demanding change with our voices and our votes. We are not deterred. We are proud. We are teachers. We are entertainers. We are caregivers. We are thought leaders. We are CEOs and Vice Presidents. We are Black History, and we are Black Present. Our ancestors marched so we could fly. We are inspiration, and we matter.