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Archives June 2021

Robert Sacks Elected DPDC Treasurer

In a special election held on June 17, LTDO Treasurer Robert Sacks was elected to the position of Democratic Party of DuPage County (DPDC) Treasurer. He replaces Steve Schenk, who served in the position for the prior 2 1/2 years. In addition to taking on the Treasury responsibility at the county, Robert will continue to serve as DPDC bookkeeper, and LTDO Treasurer, as well as treasurer for the campaigns of Forest Preserve District President Daniel Hebreard, County Board member Lynn LaPlante, Gail Cabala-Lowry, and a member of the Lake County Board.

“NapervilleNext” Survey

The City of Naperville  is currently conducting a “NapervilleNext” Survey and has requested the assistance of the “2020 Census Naperville Complete Count Committee” to help spread the word.

The results of the survey will be used to assist the Naperville City Council and City Staff to determine Naperville’s priorities and develop the Three Year Strategic Plan.
We are asking ALL Naperville Residents to help and complete the survey!
  • Visit the City’s engagement hub – – to learn more
  • Take the “NapervilleNext” Survey!
  • Post the attached flyer on your websites, Facebook page, newsletters and other social media platforms!
  • Encourage all of your members, associates and constituents to take the survey!
Together, we’ll help our City plan for the future!!
Thanks to all for your continued support of our great city.

Mark R. Rice

Chairman – Complete Count Committee
2020 US Census Naperville

SCARCE: One-Stop Recycling Information

I hate throwing things away, not so much because I cling to things, but because I cringe at wasting anything. I was compliling a list of local resources for myself when I discovered that SCARCE already has most of what I was looking for. Highly recommended!

Apart from the many things they themselves accept, they have a comprehensive reference page for other resources, including special recycling events and specialty drop-off resources.

Campaign Season Delayed

The 2022 election cycle was delayed by the state legislature due to Trump delaying the census. The new primary will be on June 28, 2022.  Petitions will be from January 13-March 14 with lower numbers of signatures required than in previous years.

The most immediate consequence is that the “Campaign Bootcamp” previously announced here has been postponed until August 31st. More details will be provided here as soon as the rest of the new schedule is worked out.

It’s really awkward to expect new candidates to start 7 months before petitions but if anyone is interested in getting involved this summer there will be plenty of opportunities. Thanks for your patience!

June Membership Meeting

Our next general Membership Meeting will be held Monday, June 14th at 7:30 PM. The featured topic will be mental health resources in DuPage County.

Registration for Zoom:

We’re also looking for in-person space for our July meeting. Any ideas? Contact