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Cannabis Referendum: Make Your Voice Heard

Holly Hootman We REALLY need Naperville residents to Email and Speak at the Naperville CC meeting on Oct. 1st to avoid delaying the Cannabis Referendum and kicking the can to November 2020 or April 2021 as some Council Members have proposed. Next Naperville City Council Meeting is on Oct. 1st at 7PM at 400 S.… Read More »

Naperville Council Meeting on Opt In / Opt Out

by Holly Hootman Councilman Benny White’s Statement is the most clear statement on #OptIn or Opt Out Vote on Tuesday Sept 3, 2019 since their meeting.  The PRESS has mixed up the Councilmembers positions as well as a referendum on March 17, 2020 Ballots in Naperville. Thank you Councilman White for the clarity on this… Read More »